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Three things that happened today.

I dueled for the first time ever on Some level 30 amazon was clearing quests with my level 25 druid and wanted to "try out her new skill" on me. I think I would have won but I don't like killing PCs so I went back to town. Besides, the lightning javelin skill is stupid. And I have 2814578345 life. The other player had no chance!

Driving down the beltway at dusk, I saw an ambulance with its lights and sirens on, and as it passed I saw that there was a light on inside, which to me meant they were working on somone. I got a giant lump in my throat and nearly began to cry, and flashed back to my grandfather collapsing during thanksgiving dinner. (He was diabetic, and had had a glass of wine. It turned out OK that night, but he passed away years later while I was in college.) That was the first time I'd ever had someone near me carried away in an ambulance. Everything is personal to me, sometimes.

I went to CUE in fairfax. Goth/industrial billiards night. It was neat, I think I'd go again someday if I have energy. As I was heading towards my car, a group of young guys in hoodies yelled across the parking lot, "HEY! Are there any girls in there?" I was like, uh... yeah? I feel I may have done a disservice to any girls that were in there.
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