August 22nd, 2002

when i grow up...

a classic todd comment:

[01:59] me: i feel that the human mind and brain are one of the last uncharted territories, and that fascinates me
[02:01] him: Oh, it's pretty neat stuff, but unless you're gonna pursue it to doctorate levels, it's really nothing more than a hobby, which is why I'm getting an engineering degree :)
[02:02] me: i wish there was some way i could test my ability to handle taking science classes before i embarked on the whole career path...
[02:02] me: or if i could just know where to begin, what classes to start taking...
[02:02] him: Isn't that what high school is for?
[02:03] him: Sorry, cynicism...
[02:04] me: are you saying i should have figure that out ten years ago?
[02:07] me: at least i got a sociology degree, which is vaguely appropriate :)
[02:08] me: i'm trying to assume you didn't mean that meanly, though
[02:12] him: No, or yes and no... In general the purpose of pre-collegiate education is preparatory not only in acquiring skills, but in discovering aptitudes.
[02:13] me: The only thing I discovered an aptitude for in high school was slacking and crushing on boys...
[02:13] me: oops!
[02:14] me: time wasted. oh well. i'll just have to be late on this "figuring out what i ultimately want to do" thing :)

apart from that, it has been a fun conversation where i got to talk about anti-depressants. and it's renewing my urge to start my long-term plan to become a psychiatrist. apart from that whole not-knowing-if-i'm-up-to-the-task-of-med-school thing.

i slept 8 hours today; a nice bit of catch-up. it meant i didn't actually *do* anything today, though. why can't i have another weird dream that inspires me to be productive? i did have a weird dream about going on vacation to a time-share with all my friends and fighting over who got to take a shower first. i have no idea why.

kevin lane icq'ed me out of the blue today. now i'm all wishing (again) i could orchestrate an NRV reunion. i would need to rent like, a HOUSE for a weekend though, and i have no idea how you would go about doing that. i guess i can fantasize about finding the perfect abandoned victorian mansion in the hills for now.
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