May 25th, 2002

how it's been, and how it will be

thursday night dad and i went over to manassas mall and he sat on the bench while i tried on hippie girl shirts. i was hoping he'd agree to my nefarious plan, since i was all the way out in chantilly anyways... after that we went to damon's, which is a steak place that has HUGE GIANT UNBELIEVABLE TV'S on which you can watch sports, news, or play television. i mean, we're talking wall-size tv's. it takes the annoying intrusion of television into a restaurant to a whole new level. but, we had some mediocre food, which was, well, damn, it was disappointing. but filling. then we went back to the hotel and played 4 hands of cribbage... won two, and lost two. dad seems stressed but trying not to be. i so wish i could help.

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i think i have some kind of allergy. every day i wake up feeling coughy and with post-nasal drip. see, the thing is, i thought allergies got worse when you like, went outside or whatever. i hate waking up feeling bad on my weekend. i'm making a grocery list right now. i'm feeling very much like blowing off my responsibilities. what i should do is take care of some of the minor ones, like a compromise. we'll see.