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weekend update

For the first time in a while, I have a cheerful Sunday! My weekend was good and had very few blemishes, therefore I was delivered into the actual work week in a pleasant way. dragonballzzz's birthday on friday night was fun, to which I wore the newly acquired "Bootylicious" t-shirt. I suppose it is appropriate as I have more booty now than ever before. dragonballzzz's birthday is, not coincidentally, my anniversary with bizarrojack. It's been a marvellous year, and that's an understatement.

We woke up saturday and futzed until it was time to go our seperate ways. I hung out with tzel and Fencing Guy and watched Streets of Fire and ate crab dip at the Green Turtle. Later I caught up with necrocannibal, msteleute, examorata, salami_salome, Gene and Jack to chat and try to keep myself awake. I was a little nervous about something but it didn't come to pass, or nothing set me off. Fab. Stayed up until the wee hours talking. Up again on sunday in time to hit Border's for the book club suggestion (stupid buy 3 get one free paperback sale...) and for Jack to take me to the mongolian grill. I have to say, why haven't I been patronizing the mongolian grill more?

Caught the season finale of SFU. It was pleasing in some ways. I won't say more in case someone out there watches and desires a lack of spoilerage. I can't promise I will censor myself in comments though, so beware. Suffice to say I like how the season wrapped up for David.

- contact realtor and explain timeline
- write out bills
- optical insurance, get lens reimbursement if possible
- cancel dialup account
- set up qnvr remote access for work
- call collection agency in regards to F.U. debt
- find an mp3 of trout fishing in america's song
- bike bike bike
- rent rent rent
- register to vote
- go out and seek 80s party decorations
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