keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

okay, so now they seem to have stuck a giant cement box into the giant hole in the ground. at least this whole proess is far less noisy than it was yesterday.

the good news for me is that i seem to be learning to solve problems in my sleep. last week i figured out how to use the embroidery floss winder in my sleep, and just now i woke up realizing that if i want to buy a bike in ocean city i may need to take a bigger car, or i may have to go alone. :( but i like this trend of using sleep as creativity time.

i managed to keep myself up until slightly after six. i still feel like a giant hairy greasy chimpanzee slept on my chest and like there's steel wool padding my cranium, but i think that now it may be just a case of long-term inaction. i need to move around. i still haven't even looked at the computer problem, i just don't want to face it. like most things. i haven't even gone back to look at that to-do list i made the other day, and i skipped my followup eye appointment. there didn't seem any use since i have only worn them twice.
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