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digging in the dirt

all day today, they have been putting in a new swimming pool behind our building. or at least that is what it looks like. they dug a massive hole (probably something like 12' wide and 8' deep) and have been pumping water out of it. i hope they are not removing radioactive waste or something. since i have been feeling bad all day, i have not been asleep so that i could ignore the terrible noises coming from back there.

i have heard migraines described by many people, and i don't think i have one, but this headache is really, really bad. that plus some other symptoms of... something have me laying low. i left the house briefly to have dinner alone at sapphire. that is apparently the place to have dinner alone; there were two other people there at tables by themselves. i read a little of the book club book, but not enough to really make it seem like i am going to finish. but at the least i am not going to let myself read anything else until then. (although i confess i allowed myself to finish time stops for no mouse by michael hoeye earlier today. i just couldn't face anything serious.

first union finally caught up with me. or rather, the collection agency assigned to that debt. for now, this is refreshing, i know who to contact to take care of it. it's something concrete i can deal with. much better/easier than dealing with how i feel right now. now to come up with a strategy for keeping myself awake for the next 7-8 hours when all i want to do is lay down and close my eyes.
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