keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

bike selection

Notes on my non-used bike search thus far:

Jamis Earth Cruiser 2
(avail at Proteus College Park 301-441-2928)
Raleigh Retroglide AL
(avail at Princeton Sports Columbia 410-995-1894)
Giant Simple Single
(avail at Princeton Sports ibid., in stock at Performance Rockville 301-468-0808)
Electra Rosie or (*drool*) Hawaii in mint green
(avail at Plum Grove Cyclery Lessburg, VA 703-777-2252 or Continental Ocean City 410-524-1313)
Iron Horse PT
(avail at Proteus ibid.)

Sadly the only one I can get a look at in person is the Giant Simple and that's kind of the one I like least.
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