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computer woes

friday was a very nice birthday party for scott. i really didn't get to talk to any one person for a long time as usual, but that's how it works. (i tend to flit around at parties and it frustrates me when i wish i could engage in deeper conversation with just about everyone.) i did get to dance dance revolution, which i continue to be bad at, but it was kind of neat to break a sweat and feel my heart rate go up. hardly ever happens anymore. (by anymore i mean since i was eleven...) we got outta there late, thus making us a tad bit late to help salami_salome move. well, we did some helping. again with the sweating and the heart rate! at least it's been a good exercise weekend!! but then...

then we embarked on the geforce 4/dark age project. seven hours of wrestling with my lovely compaq presario "i hope you never want to actually modify the hardware" four year old computer. and currently i am back to my voodoo 5 and unable to run the game. i figure this is punishment for ragging on the game so badly all this time. i really did just want to chill out and do stupid relaxing bullshit today, but it turned into something very stressful, mostly for jack i am guessing, which points to the fact that i probably need a new motherboard to make this happen.

my situation is as follows: 128 megs of ram, ~700mhz with only PCI slots. it is not recognizing the card and reverting to the on board video which we can't seem to revert out of very easily. the compaq web site says that there is a new version of the BIOS however we downloaded the program that's supposed to make the new BIOS disk and it didn't work, it made a disk which results in the dreaded "non system disk or disk error" message. i am running windows 98. we installed dark age fine and i even got to create an account and a character but every time we get past that point it just crashes and disappears. i can't remember if there are any other important details at the moment...

i guess now that i think about it, i had better be ready to cancel that account if i can't get out of this situation with a relatively small expense. i wish i had never decided to do this right at the moment. at least we gave up in time to hit the diner for kibbutzing. and hey, i got like FIVE loads of laundry done.
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