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Friday, I got so drunk, that it kind of beat me up for the rest of the weekend. Oops. I had a really good time though. Congrats to dharshai for finishing up finals. I uploaded some pics but figuring out how to put them up with thumbnails and junk is too daunting right now. At any rate, I swear I didn't recover until sunday, which is sad, because in the history of my drinking, that night wasn't too bad. Catch Phrase was played and cigarettes were smoked.

Woke up saturday in time to see X2 although I was thinking, oh jeez, I don't know if I can handle DOLBY MOVIE THEATER EXPLOSIONS. Turned out OK. Actually in retrospect it was in plenty of time because I woke up at like 7AM and couldn't get back to sleep until noon, technically 2 hours before the movie meeting time. UGH. After the movie I let Jack chill on the computer while I slept for, oops, 4 hours. Then back to Silver Diner for late night shenanigans.

Sunday was lazy. I slept a whole bunch more and had Jack take me home so that I could attend to the kitty and resolve myself to be work-ready. I keep thinking I had something planned for Monday evening, and I keep forgetting what it was. But maybe I didn't.

OH, yeah during one of my weird marathon naps I had this incredibly bizarre dream where I was this little girl in a quaint little town and someone kept giving me these dolls that came with little notes that were supposed to be notes from the dolls, I think. They were folded up into these tiny squares and I never opened them because I thought it was a bunch of bunk, or that the person giving me these gifts was trying to tell me something I didn't want to know. At any rate, a large part of the dream was me going to another quaint little town where they supposedly made and sold the dolls and meeting the proprietor of the shop and discovering that the notes were really important and finally reading them, but just as we (I was on the trip with some mysterious guardian) were going home, we were arrested for being racist and the townspeople were going to try us and lynch us. When I woke up we had still not escaped.


Forgot to mention 2 fortunes I got with my Chinese food that made me feel better:
Avert misunderstanding by calm, poise, and balance.
Your present plans are going to succeed.

As opposed to watching Six Feet Under, which was as always depressing. They did manage to fit the issues of capital punishment AND abortion into one episode, though. I liked the David/Keith interactions and the Claire scenes, as well as being incredibly enamored of the new plotline for Ruth, with James Cromwell as her love interest. So I guess it actually wasn't that depressing.
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