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monday blues

well, i started getting weird and depressed, and after i thought about it, checked over my monday morning entries over the past few months: yes, i get weird and depressed mainly on monday mornings. coincidence, i think not.

woke up good and late today as i hoped. 4pm. i trucked over to see cheetahmaster and lilmymble and to give out the goth baby t-shirt we had acquired in NYC. i am happy to report that it looks like it will fit at least for a little while. we chatted and stuff for a while, their hospitality in the face of spontaneous invasion was kind.

then i went home and watched the discovery channel shows about transgenderness and six feet under. both very interesting but very heavy, maybe not the best choices. (okay except for James Cromwell of Babe fame, i love him) now DNG and i are having a slow night at work. i've been eating constantly all day, and never feeling full, what's up with that. i think i will dig into these dark chocolate reese's now.
Tags: depression, tv
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