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I've had a great weekend!

[edit] I forgot to mention that we went over to the sapphire restaurant before the party and I had the best tandoori chicken I have ever had. I mean I haven't had alot of it but I can certainly say that this was really good.

Friday night Jack took me to a party at his friend's house who I have only met a few times. (frecklefaerie and castironskillet) It was down in Hyattsville which I used to think was all kind of sketchy, but really from what I saw I really liked the neighborhood and the house was gorgeous. I was worried because I'm usually not good with parties where I don't know anyone, but this crowd was extremely friendly and welcoming and I chatted with a whole host of new people with interesting stories. There was a guy there who has hiked the appalachian trail and I kind of grilled him about it at length. Not that I think I could ever do that, but the idea that someone would kind of fascinates me. I also met zenthia and chatted with her about medical school and some stuff. Neat!

Last night (technically speaking) a couple of us went out to the Wharf Rat for some seriously informal drankin' as well as to celebrate the anniversary of my best friends' birth. We only got there like an hour and a half late because of some parade, but whatever. My current most vivid memory as the alcohol wears off was this one chick yelling "rock out with your cock out!!!" as we were leaving the bar. whoah. There was some serious classic rock playing on the jukebox although examorata, msteleute and I were trying to drown it out with our own version of the Hooters' "all you zombies".

omfg my cat just fell asleep in my open suitcase. if i get the camera, it will make him move. i will not be able to record this cuteness. dammit.
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