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boss took us out for breakfast to celebrate (?) number one's leaving. man, it's going to be hard to nickname the next coworker. they will probably be "trainee" for quite some time. over breakfast we argued about whether or not to give someone who asks for your change the change you have in your pocket. out of the 7 people there we got 3 yeses, 2 maybes, 1 no, and 1 abstention. also, 3 of the attendees would give money to charity if they won millions in the lottery.

once again i didn't craft shit at craft night. i made mac and cheese and ate it out of the pan. i played with the cat. i had to turn the AC on while i was sleeping because i can't keep waking up in a pool of sweat 2 hours before i have had enough sleep.

i love these chaco sandals. i love them SO MUCH. i wish i could wear them ALL THE TIME.

what female rap artists should i be listening to?
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