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last night i woke up a little hung over. then i showered and fussed over when to have a party the answer i still do not have. then i played diablo ii on single player, possibly the most fruitless thing i ever do. (at least i still don't make scotch tape lumps.) then i took tzel to buddy's crabs and ribs for birthday... er... crabs. no ribs. in fact, i didn't have crabs OR ribs, i had shrimps. we had the nicest waiter, i even remember that his name was malcolm. then i basically came to work where i found that lots of my friends were up late and i had like 6 chat windows open. a cisco guy stayed late to give us a class on 6500 switches. then number one drove us to the krispy kreme on rt 1 in alexandria which we discovered was no longer 24 hrs. now i am yawning and waiting for the shift to end.

i know this is so plain, in the sense that it is not a narrative, just a listing. but i can't think straight.

tzel mentioned that ritz will probably soon have a service by which you send them your digital pics and pay for them to print them at the nearest store and you just go to that store and show your recipt and they hand you the prints. which would be really cool.

i think maybe doughnuts have a narcotic in them. i am so sleepy.
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