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more NY notes and movie thing

yesterday in addition to indulging my desire to laze around and watch television, i also indulged my desire for CDs, filling some gaps in my Kate Bush and Sting collections. plus i indulged my lust for the pasta plus caesar salad. there was nothing green to eat in the house, that's my excuse. i am having trouble processing my feelings about the ehrenreich book. right now, it is guilt, which is completely non-productive. past that it has made me so careful about counting my blessings, which are embarassingly many.

i keep thinking: fuck scanners, i have a camera now.

thursday is Coworker Number One's last day with us. i feel a wee bit sniffly about this.

dreamed i was in a class to learn to ride a motorcycle again. i hope this is not going to be like my entire life before i learned to drive stick, where every other dream was about learning to drive stick. in the dream we were in this big garage and there were so many students they had us on platforms one over the other. i was on a top shelf on a motorcycle. i almost drove right off it when we were turning on the ignitions.

necrocannibal said something when we got out of the car at the end of our trip, he said, i think, "isn't it amazing how everything isn't moving around us???" which sort of depicts how NYC is, everything is moving around you, all the time. i am proud of my conservative shopping, i only bought a bag and a book. we inadvertently saw some original edward gorey artwork at the gotham book shop, which was an unexpected treat. little memories come back to me here and there of the trip. like the crazy people camped outside NBC studios hoping to win the lottery they have for SNL tickets. a few had signs that said things like "i traveled 3,000 miles!!" traveled three thousand miles to sit your ass on a dirty streetcorner. sounds like a ball. but then who am i to judge???

i have been talking to people about a movie scoring system i found in bitch mag some time ago; i think it is a good system and it helps me put hollywood in perspective. i'll explain it to you now; it was called, in the article in which i discovered it, the lesbian movie rating system or something to that effect, but i think it is of interest to everyone, not just lesbians. it goes like this.

1. is there more than one female character?
2. do the female characters ever talk to each other?
3. about something other than men?

i am consistently shocked at how few movies meet these simple qualifications.
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