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back from nyc

so i went to new york this weekend. it was a great deal of fun. you can never do enough in new york. i wish i had been less of a buzzkill about half the time (i know my companions will argue with this point, however i know that i was "not myself" as it were). since i'm drunk on gewurztraminer at noon, i'm gonna leave be by linking to my pictures, noting that they are more a camera testing sort of experiment than actual thorough documentation of the trip. here's a numerical guide.

1 - hotel room on arrival
2-4 - grand central station, starting point on friday
5-6 - NYC public library
7 - times square
8-10 - rockefeller center
11-12 - radio city music hall
13-14 - on the verge of central park, feet in agony
15 - back in hotel room, itching to get to broadway, and not realizing the fabulous meal i am about to have
16-18 - on a break from shopping in the village in washington square
19 - saturday night, a slice and reading alone in the room, quiet time
20-23 - on the train home, i am pleased with me amtrak experience

there are many more little details to cover; the really nice man that sat next to me on the train home; he got off at philadelphia. the subway guy advising msteleute and i that he'd be back to give us a ride. the massive volume of vintage clothing that can be purchased. eddie izzard on broadway. the book i finished, barbara ehrenreich's nickel and dimed which left a massive impact on me. clearly, to be completely banal and insipid, we only took "a bite" out of the *sigh* "big apple".

i need to nap, but it must be said that i had great forethought in taking last night off, even though we got back in plenty of time for me to supposedly go to work. i needed the time to sit around, have cheapass spaghetti, and do the quality time thing. and goddamit, i still have kate bush running through my head however now it's army dreamers.
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