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from the pop psychology files...

in the tradition of "i'm ok - you're ok" and "games people play" the famous books on transactional analysis, i took a quiz about my PAC quotient... PAC = parent, adult, child.

The side of your profile that is least developed is the 'parent' side. This implies that you may not like taking responsibility for a situation by organising things or telling others what to do. But sometimes it is important to be able to take on responsibility, because with responsibility come status and control. Through your 'adult' and 'child' perspectives you have the strengths you need to start developing your 'parent' perspective enabling you to take on responsibility. It is worth working at it.

well, that's true. might just be my inherent laziness. now that i think about it, reading about transactional analysis had a big impact on me. although the books seem terribly dated nowadays. it would be neat to read them for book club, there is little doubt in my mind that it would spark some interesting discussion.
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