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ever since we watched fear and loathing, i have wanted to get another listen to neil young's expecting to fly. now i am getting one. this is sublime.

more things should be published in affordable mass-market paperback format. more things that are not white wolf fiction or romance novels.

book club was pleasant in the extreme; a massive turnout perhaps due to the shortness of the book, and can i just say, all what, 14 people, had finished this book. that was so satisfying to know. next time the book is the dream palace of the arabs by fouad ajami. i have it sitting right here but haven't started it yet mainly because i'm at work.

i was thinking on the way to work about how i always feel like the world is working toward an end. that history will come to a conclusion, and it will be either that we are all obliterated by our own ignorant use of technology or by some massive natural disaster we could not forsee or prevent, or, alternatively, that we will end up in some utopian-gene-rodenberry-star-trek-pan-cultural joyfest. there is a touch of the sinister to the latter conclusion, though. when everyone is in lock-step, someone's getting repressed somehow, right? it's like sure, maybe we'll be living in a perfect world where everyone gets what they want and supports each other and no one steps on anyone's feet but before the curtain closes on the scene you see everyone running down to the town square and someone unfolds a piece of paper with their lottery marker on it. or their red 'logan's run' indicator starts flashing. i don't know, it's this idea that somehow the story ends, it makes me wonder if i am kind of fatalistic, and if this fatalism isn't a hallmark of my generation (and the generation immediately before and after, probably). who hasn't thought, at some point, "well soon the world will be wiped out by the bomb/cosmic rays/the melting of the ice caps/the depletion of natural resources/etc so what the hell?!" of course i much prefer the "someday i can envision the world commune where everyone shares and respects each other" daydream, but that's just as fruitless of a train of thought for me, the average josephine to pursue.

work. is. so. slow. this is bad in a time when left with nothing, i think miserable thoughts. i shall think about new york a bit, and then try to inspire myself to start working on the UMD program app (this is a lie. why am i telling myself this when i know i will procrastinate about it tonight.). i feel OK about this distraction from work because i have already plumbed the depths of obscure work tasks. i'm feeling disconnected. that's the best word for it.
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