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man, i hate it when i have been sitting at my cubicle for only about 36 minutes, and already my shoulders are scrunched up around my ears somewhere. i've been teeth-grittingly tense alot today for no good reason; today was pretty relaxing all told. i shaved my legs (waste of time? perhaps), went to Border's (procuring two book club suggestions, a short overview of Islam, and The Notorious C.H.O.), and cooked dinner. doing all that in the space of twelve hours is truly not so stressful. yet, i snapped and whined at jack, and already have completely chewed off a fingernail. what gives???

saturday night was pretty relaxing too! went over to traceracer and jwiv's for cake from Cakes Plus. if you have not had a cakes plus cake, i strongly urge you to go there ASAP and get one. it's on 198 near the Weis and Sports Authority. we watched fear and loathing in las vegas, which i was SHOCKED to find i didn't hate. later on we watched bill maher's new political show on HBO. very interesting. it would have been better if clive barker had given ann coulter an open-handed slap in the mouth.

it's interesting to come back to work after being in class all week. in a chinese proverb kind of way. :P there are alot of questions and NO forthcoming answers.
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