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finished off yesterday by learning my camera, trying on 6 pairs of pants that did not fit, and then going out to the party for zarobi, dharshai, koira and salami_salome where other people ingested massive and numerous jello shots (I was driving) and much catch phrase was played.

i felt like i hadn't seen a bunch of people in ages and ages. there is not enough TIME in the world! i need to quit my job so i can see all the people i like and care about. oh wait.

this morning = lazy. i am having that laundry conundrum where it takes so long to dry the laundry that you could have washed THREE LOADS in that time, but you didn't, because the dryer wasn't ready yet. fudge. there was a 26" men's cruiser bicycle in the pennysaver, and i haven't called about it yet because i'm a dumbass.

still on the to-do list: litterbox, laundry, border's, vanity (brows, legs, hairdye) (haircut appt is on weds at arundel mills). need to get with msteleute and talk NYC. i am going to NYC!!!
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