keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

class day three

I am taking to working during the day like a fish to water. I have been eating horrible food all week, not to mention they give you free breakfast and snacks. Class is getting rapidly out of my understanding level. trying to keep paying attention but i need some freaking ritalin or something. I met with ab during lunch and discussed what he wants from me. I acted like a moron because I was kind of nervous but I think he still wants me to do some new things and again, maybe change my schedule. For a few months. Or not. Heh, I pointed out that my weak points are: I have never been a manager, I have never made a flow chart, and I don't know how to use powerpoint. I also, controversially, told him he should backfill with women if he finds ones that are qualified. Currently it's me and one other woman in a department of 36? I felt I was within my bounds to point this out, not that I want any qualified men to remain out of a job, just that the last four new people they brought on were men. Maybe only men were applying, but uh. Anyways, about class... yeah, this guy is very mathy. I never thought I would hear someone say "take the log of" something again in my life.

To do: find books on middle eastern history to suggest for book club, find bookends for my desk, get my stupid eyebrows waxed again, get a haircut, perform my bi-annual leg shaving, investigate the Fuji 303, have dinner with mom tonight.
Tags: to do list, work
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