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i give up, and am just going to put my sketchy notes in my journal because dammit if it don't start now i will never catch up. but i need to remember this stuff. i say that alot.

- up all night and day. maybe 30 hrs. very scary behavior results.
- breakfast with pseudotheist. i bare my soul. haven 't heard from him since. coincidence?
- meet zarobi and traceracer at olive garden. already up almost 24 hours at this point. very giggly.
- over to tzel's for clothes sorting. i said something that made her fall on the floor in laughter, but now i don't remember what it was. i do remember the homemade caesar dressing and the glazed ham. and her holding up some overall/shorts saying, "maybe it's time for these to go" and responding with "if there's a god in heaven."
- i started out using that friendster thing. great, another "gotta catch em all" version of modern friendship. although i hear someone actually went out on a date with someone they met on there. actually, funny i haven't heard how that went.

- woke up and let the cable guy in to install cable for bizarrojack.
- went to best buy and drooled on some digital cameras, bought speakers for work.
- tried to dress up nice to go out but ended up looking like a superhero, in not a good way, because of the boots and tights. jack may think i'm harping on this but he made the suggestion and in retrospect it's really hilarious.
- met perhaps my oldest friend april (dating back from 6th grade) at skewers in dupont. mediterranean fare. very tasty. actually ate couscous and tabbouleh. met some of her other friends from college.
- post dinner went to the black cat to see washington social club. we have another convert. bands named koufax and army of me were there but i hardly was paying attention. also in attendance was elizardaa. being at a concert with april brought back vivid memories of the boathouse in norfolk. i recalled to her the time my dad took us there and stood in the back while we watched the church. i believe that was the gold afternoon fix tour. i was 14.
- on the way home heard sandra day oconnor talking about her new book. was so excited that this week i bought it.

- easter dinner at jack's parents' house. very pleasant. actually ate lima beans. with enough salt they taste ok but they will never FEEL ok.

more later gotta go!
Tags: friends, history
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