keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

my head hurts

again, my head hurts. maybe it's the fickle weather, or maybe i'm coming down with something. but this constant headacheyness is taxing and makes me irritable at a time when i should be rejoicing. let's see, last night went to alex's and tried to play the guitar. I AM PRETTY LAME AT IT. i need to practice. i filled giant trash bags with stuff to send to goodwill, but haven't taken the dang bags to goodwill yet. see, i want to go when i have time to look around and browse for new stuff to bring home. isn't that silly? very little is perturbing me right now. this is good, although, i'm not getting enough reading done. i just finished 'one for the money' by janet evanovich. it's pulpy crap. if you like that, feel free to read it. if not, avoid please.

i'm at the beginning of so many things. why? why can't i be in the advanced stages of so many things. i'm mediocre at my job and utter crap with music and only have a puny bachelor's degree and nowhere near buying my dream van. i keep half-assedly getting involved in things and then shifting my attention away. except book club, i guess. but that's not like, something i have to take a long time to develop skills for. am i going to just eventually be halfway crappy at 3,000 things?

i bet i get comments on the puny bachelor's degree thing. it's just, i want more. anyways. i don't actually mean that my getting my degree was a puny achievement. wait. it was, i mean, i stumbled blindly through college. and as i like to bitterly point out, not because i was drunk and having fun. but what i MEAN is getting a bachelor's degree is not puny. right. i'll shut up now.

p.s. i will also note that getting a bachelor's degree was not a puny investment, either, stupid student loans.
Tags: introspection
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