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i'm in a good mood, really i am. it's just that serious things keep popping up and making me moody. tonight i had dinner with msteleute at the newish thai restaurant they put in next to the sushi sono in columbia. it was very nice to get to just talk (and listen) and i don't think i sounded like too much of a dope. work is very tolerable. even comfortable. i can't stop listening to kenny rogers' "lady". sometimes, you get in a mood, and you just listen to a song over and over. i blame vh-1's 'i love the 80s'. i need to do laundry in the morning OR ELSE. or else i will be wearing no underwear. i had a random bout of jealousy and paranoia this morning, causing me to not quite get to sleep right away. martha peake (patrick mcgrath) continues to not impress. why i feel that i must muscle my way through books i think are crappy i do not know. my school investigations have taken a backseat to work and things that stress me out less to think about over the past few days, but i don't think that this means that my momentum is completely lost. besides i had to jump that tax hurdle. i sent out some things in the mail yesterday and one thing hopefully today if i can get more stamps. something i never used to be organized enough to do, spreading goodwill in a concrete, non-electronic way.
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