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I wonder what it is about my weekends that no matter how fantastic they are and how satisfied I am with them, I seldom have that feeling I used to have when I was younger of morbid depression that they were over. I mean, I am sad that the weekend's over, but nothing like the creeping chill I used to feel in my chest when it was sunday night. I'm glad it's gone, and I don't think it's because my weekends somehow inferior in quality to the weekends of my youth. Probably more a combination of an attitude change and my weekdays being more palatable. Might have something to do with going directly to work on sunday night, as opposed to going to sleep and then going to work.

This is all by way of saying that I had a really nice weekend. A surprisingly nice one. Friday, for instance, I took a nap, spent some quality time with Jack, and zipped off at the last minute to the Velvet Lounge, where we ran into a slew of friends (cheetahmaster, lilmymble, seth6666, devolutionary, ect and Dan)/fans of the Washington Social Club, the best local band I've seen all year. This is not meant as a backhanded compliment, because I feel that even if I had seen more than one local band all year, they would be the best, because they are just so good. I danced and jumped and enjoyed! Even though the venue is really tiny, most of the patrons are extremely polite so it doesn't bother me. The io's from NY opened for WSC and I liked them too. Went back to Jack's and ate gobs of CluckU chicken, one of my guilty pleasures. I approve of Jack's new lodgings despite their altitude. I'm generally not a fan of tower apartments ever since my experience in Alexandria. I will try to spend as much time there as I hope for J to spend at my house, however the fact that you have to get a parking pass and ride an elevator is foul to me. But karmically, I guess I owe it to the universe. And his shower is so awesome, so that's a plus.

Non-sequitur. I meant to mention the best line from last week's Scrubs, btw:
Patient: I've had it with all this sexual innuendo, Doctor.
Dr. Todd: (pauses) in-your-end-o...

Anyways, we were up late late into the night, but apparently that didn't matter to my body which woke up at 10AM. I figured I was totally screwed, but I fixed it up later. I wasted a few hours reading Martha Peake one of Patrick McGrath's newer ouvres. It's kinda ehn. I should have known. I also wasted some time playing Diablo2 single player on Jack's computer. Because, well, I still love it despite losing my very high level HC character a few weeks ago. Meh. Anyways, at that point I figured it was time to wake Jack up by jumping up and down on the bed and singing "99 Luftballons". Because I was hungry. We ran a bunch of errands and Jack bought me a present. I will use it to do many practical things I am sure! Then we had dinner at Pasta Plus. It was freaking awesome in fact, perhaps I will have the leftovers for breakfast. And then the culminating event, a trip to the Wharf Rat in fells point to help Telf relax from a shitty week. A seemingly unlikely group (tzel, bizarrojack, debela, rob_donoghue, and Gene) was gathered but we all had enough in common to talk about lots of junk (camping, gaming, and many other topics). I was worn out early and we were back in Laurel by 1am, stopping at the diner for dessert. There was some drowsy introspection, and I woke up at 7:30 AM, oops. Took the Tylenol PM allowing for a FULL night's sleep of 12 hours. Aww, yeah. I think it also eliminated my nicotine hangover. After I woke up Joelle called and I grilled her about graduate school experiences and heard about the new Frederick situation. This evening I had dinner with Jack and parents which was very nice! Except his sister's car had been broken into, which I can relate to and is totally craptacular. I really think his dad would get along with my dad.

So this rather dry but efficient relation of events doesn't express the total satisfaction I have with my social/intellectual/physical experience of the weekend. It does not capture the nuances of conversations or the revelations of emotions or joy of interpersonal relations. I am apparently really bad at that without being maudlin. It gets me to the now, however, where I am sitting here with literally NOTHING TO DO. It amuses me that Number One (who is apparently truly imminently on his way out) is training a new guy (yes, my company hired someone, amazing) but really for the past hour they have been gabbing about martial arts. Number One always thinks he can be an authority on anything just because he tried it once and read half a webpage. Oy.

There are a few un-specific things floating around in my head, too. Like filmfestdc. Every year since I moved here 6 (oh lordy) years ago I have told myself I was going to go to filmfestdc. And every year I'm too tired or stressed or something to go. So here are a list of this year's films I want to see, in case, shockingly, I am not too tired or whiny to go into the city for once.

Also, things to do: taxes, laundry, further uni/grad research.
What is the present tense of "wrought"?
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