keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

i shouldn't be at home, but i am. hardlty slept today. stomach slightly afoul. perked up during knitting night, after which i maybe should have considered going to work. but honestly, what i fear more than puking in the bathroom at work or falling asleep at my desk is falling asleep in the car on the way home from work. my to do list for friday includes: bike shopping, taxes, further school research, and following through on some ebay bids. i'd link to them but it's the friday night ebay maintenance window and even besides that dialup is being so slow as to discourage further internet adventures. vh1 was showing "i love the 80s" all night but it was keeping me awake in this jittery, crying, nervous way, although i DO enjoy returning to childhood. my guilty confession apart from a sketchy night off from work is that i fucking adore dawson's creek, at least the early episodes i have been watching, although it's getting a little retarded watching his parents act like teenagers and the teenagers pretending to be adults. but i love it. i am glad i never watched it in the original run, though. oh god, what's wrong with me! i hate television! why am i getting wrapped around the axle about a stupid show about rich white kids in and out of love! clearly despite my two steps forward this week, i have taken one step back.

Poll #123034 Stolen From Mr. Hesselius...

And why do you keep going?

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