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phew!! home at last in the green/brown bower. i can sit back, with my english muffins (covered in a reckless amount of butter) and shiraz, and check my email and cross the things off my to-do list i have accomplished. those things would be anything having to do with the MVA, and getting a new cordless phone. as well as working a ridiculously busy night; none of us had a moment to rest between maintenance and outage. and outages caused by maintenance. and surprise add-on maintenance. and... well, it was actually invigorating not to just stare at the godforsaken red, brown, and yellow lines for the entire night. i had not a moment to reflect on how happy i was by the time i got to work. i was so happy i went and downloaded "walking on sunshine", which i normally eschew because i am feeling too cynical. i blame not only jackothy, but the fact that i have some tiny glimmer of hope that maybe someday i could be paid to do something that invigorates me. of course, this is semi-foolish because never previously in my life have i A) worked terribly hard on anything or B) been invigorated by a science class. well, who knows, maybe things change. at any rate, the cat apparently needs me to pet him while he eats. no, he's not spoiled. tonight, if i still feel this good, i may just do my taxes.
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