keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

i am extremely happy with the combination of learning and narcotic that is John Keegan's The First World War on cassette. i am learning, and it is putting me to sleep. eventually i will have to figure out a way to hear the second half of each side of each tape, though.

tonight i think cheetahmaster and i saw a zombie on the way to the metro. we were rolling merrily along when almost smack dab in the middle of the road was a big, shambling guy in a grey jacket. i squealed, and was asked why, and i said "DID YOU NOT SEE THE ZOMBIE?" he thought it might just be a crazy guy in the middle of the road walking funny because it was cold, or something. i was like, oh no, that was the shamble of a zombie. and who else walks right down the middle of the road??? i'm not going to go mad trying to find my reference to the last time this happened to me in an entry that's probably over a year old, but i saw another zombie on rt 1 in the middle of the night last year. it was shambling down the middle of the road. i swear.

anyways, since i got to work i have been attending to one task or another and damn if four hours haven't gone by. i have a to-do list for the rest of the night:

1. maintenance list for tomorrow night
2. update 6 tickets
3. type up contact list, etc, print things to put on cube walls
4. try to find appropriate books as requested for book club
5. look up DC DMV info so i know exactly where to go and what i have to do when i leave here in the morning
6. investigate UMUC/UMD undergrad neuro programs/requirements
Tags: books, to do list, zombie
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