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good morning! here's discouragement and disturbing images.

I am sorry. It is not a stand-alone MS program. Undergraduate students
doing a 4 year neuroscience major can add a fifth year and a bunch of extra
requirements to get the MS.

Thanks, buddy. I guess there's no room for 27-year-old professionals even in your undergrad program, is there. I'm thinking I don't even need to write back to this guy. This is heavily discouraging.

the disturbing images are from my dream. i dreamed that iraq was attacking us, and dropping bombs around the area. i was at some kind of convention with my father and he was sitting in a room with his back to the window, and he was trying to be all stoic about the bombs dropping, but the last one that drops causes some kid of massive tidal wave. it was coming toward the window and i was trying to get him to run but he wouldn't budge, just kept talking about what he was talking about, and finally i ended up running but after the giant wall of water came through, he was still there, only now he was a giant grey cat but still talking with my dad's voice. (sorry dad, i don't know why the cat thing, but at least you were being stoic, and survived the tidal wave!) the other part of the dream i don't remember had to do with riding a lawnmower around and this person was asking for help mowing their lawn and come to find out, they were living in my grandparents' old house and the riding lawnmower i had was my grandfather's old one, so i was in a way reuniting this lawnmower with the yard it used to mow.
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