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weekend ends and slides into week

just had a successful meeting with painkiller; we had dinner at the metro 29 diner and he watched me drink a mocha; i was really glad to have had a chance to meet up while he was here. it's funny but i have known very few people who look so much like their picture does. i mean, like, some people look very different in person or their posture or mannerisms don't give off the same... thing, you know? at any rate, i had a nice time.

i got to work 2 hours early and told the swing shift to go home. check out how nice i am. this morning i had to take the sleep drugs which, ehn, sucks, but i was jazzed after finishing the book club book in under 3 hours.

now i am looking at the JHU neuroscience program. oh my god, they are pretty specific about what they want, and it means i probably won't be good enough for them before i'm freaking 30. i wonder if i am in the same boat with UMD. i will have to write a somewhat different letter to the JHU people. they don't address at all whether someone who already has a degree might apply to their joint B.A./M.S. program. I am in a good mood but reading about this is making me feel a little more despondent.

alone at work for the time being. need to get car emissions inspection after work at the very least. hope the late fees aren't heinous.
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