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s a t u r - d a y nite!

what a weirdly dichotomic weekend. i started it off with a pleasant breakfast with pseudotheist, lou, and reev, and then went home to sleep... only to wake up in the kind of blinding, nauseating pain that i couldn't cure with advil) or a heating pad. the worst... maybe the second worst ever. but i was so determined to go see koira for her birthday gathering... i don't get to see those gals hardly ever anymore, and it's very frustrating and i miss them. so i went; and i was kind oogy, until i ate a little and then had a few glasses of wine... ahhh, wine. THAT is the ticket. once i could relax i had a great time and learned how fun catch phrase can be. bizarrojack met me post-clubbing and did his level best to make it all better. it helped some.

i woke up early, 'cause necrocannibal was coming over to help me with carious things. the main thing he did was to make the sense of my finances that only a level head and a spreadsheet can make. let me tell you what a revelation that was. i hope that this time, of all the other times i have tried to rehabilitate myself, this time the lesson sticks. the lesson being that this is something i can do. although i will say that over the past two years, things have been marginally getting better and better. at least when he got here i didn't just present him with a box of 18 months of unopened mail. *shiver* those were NOT the days. his bro read the entire book club book while we figured that out. heh. we gave up on fooling with photoshop or gimp. we had dinner instead... necrocannibal and examorata made a fab feast, which was very kind.

then tzel and i went to, of all things, a JASFA meeting. it was also kind of a birthday party... of someone i haven't seen since katsucon 2, for chrissakes. a few people may have recognized me but i'm a little different from back in the collegey days. we cut out early because damn if my alien wasn't acting back up... yeah, through all the events of the weekend my abdomen was totally in a fuxored pain state. i am hoping this all clears up soon, if not, sigh... doctors. i freaking hate going to the doctor. wah.

we were home by ten... and then i was trying to rip cds and bonking my curious kitty on the nose with a fudgesicle. yes, i have nothing better to do on a saturday night than sit at home and torment my cat while illegally copying cds... except oh wait, i don't think the cd ripping program ripped ONE GODDAMN THING i told it to. this leaves me very upset and ready to give up for the night.

i also got the PG community college summer schedule. maybe i could take a bio or chem class there and see how it goes. helluva lot cheaper than trying to fit that in my (newly formed!!!!) budget as a UMD class... but would it be *completely* unchallenging? am i giving PGCC the short shrift and being too bold about my smarts? who knows. thank goodness for springing forward... i don't think i can force myself to stay awake much longer.
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