keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

today's messed up dream

OK, this was not how I wanted to wake up. All I ate before bed was a fudgesicle and a handful of croutons! good grief. So, in this dream, I was visiting some rural friends and we ended up having some kind of weird race with some other local kids in my friends' truck. I was incredibly upset at my friends because they went so far as to bump the back bumper of the other peoples' car, and I was completely terrified. The other kids followed us back to the house where they proceeded to get out of their car and try to beat up my friends. I was hiding in the cab of the truck when one of these kids tried to drag me out. I grabbed him by the hair and tried to knock his head against the side of the truck, and then tried to bite him, but it was to no avail. Then these kids' girlfriends show up and they were trying to ... basically kill us it seemed. When the cops came, they arrested everyone, and all the women ended up in the same minimum-security prison. The guards seemed more like therapists or elementary school teachers than guards. These girls that tried to attack me were absolutely tormenting me emotionally and physically when they could get a chance, the details of which I don't remember. I do remember there was some bizarre cheerleading activity we were all supposed to work on together and I was teamed up with these girls and they would not let me participate. They won some kind of award, and afterwards keptr trying to hit me, and all I could think about was how I might as well give up, even though I didn't do anything but try to defend myself these girls were going to keep going until they killed me, so I went into the prison counsellor's office and hid behind the chair and cried, telling myself I didn't care anymore if they killed me.

I think this may be a PMS-related dream. I haven't even been reading about prisons.
Tags: dream
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