keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

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first through fifth

first, i remembered how i feel depressed when i have to wake up in the morning. second, i had a terrible dream that crispin glover really was a killing maniac and all we had to track him by was his phone, and his crazy friends kept calling it and telling us scary weird things, and finally i was awakened by maniacal evil laughing. third, i love the metro and it always makes me feel good about people in general. i always want to say nice things to everyone and i know i can't because people will think i'm the crazy person. fourth, i have the "hello" song stuck in my head. you know... "hello, hello, hello! what a wonderful word hello... hello, hello, hello! you can hear it wherever you go!..." fifth, i have to go to class now i hope it is useful.
Tags: dream
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