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i just watched harold and maude and now i'm all verklempt. watching the trailer, it seems like the movie cut i saw was uh, missing some stuff. weh. i think this movie was 1971's amelie. it gave nicolas the agita, though; he kept attacking scully. well, she is the older more experienced gal.

it is another example in the hollywood tendency to not-so-subtly hint that the perfect love can only be captured if one partner or the other dies releasing the other lover to a life of joy and freedom... like titanic, and many others... suggestions? i can't remember if cort (russel crowe's character in the quick and the dead) dies. not to be confused with bud cort, who was the kid in H&M. what other movies do this? i know i have thought of more and i can't think of any.

so anyways. i have to reverse my schedule suddenly to go to classes for the next two days which means i need to sleep tonight, which nominally means i should stay up all day and evening. bleah! i am yawning to beat the band. i have a terrible uncontrollable yawning problem lately. even when i'm well rested. whatever!
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