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been going hog wild in the feminist community again. it's so great and challenging and inspiring for me. even though i know that i don't always have my thoughts very well organized, being challenged and having to defend my ideas is really good mental exercise. good writing exercise as well. besides, being righteously angry about something i can speak with some authority on is easier than being righteously angry about something i hardly understand.


today i dreamed about going to college. not a big surprise, considering i visited my alma mater last weekend. the dream was one i've had in alot of contexts but the theme always remains the same: i can't remember/figure out when and where i need to be in class. this time it was the first week of class, and i forgot to bring my class schedule. i was looking for terminals all over campus to log into so that i could find out where i had to be... was my first class english, or history? i was distracted for some reason by some people who wanted me to play in a battletech game, but i wanted them to leave me alone, because i was so excited to be back in school, learning something. i've had similar dreams all my life, and especially since i graduated i have these dreams where i have not gone to class or done homework for months and i need to catch up on the entire semester within a few weeks, but i haven't been to school in so long i don't even remember what classes i'm taking or what rooms they were in. sometimes it takes place in college, sometimes in high school, but it's always the same feeling of wanting to go to class but not being able to get there, and feeling guilty that i haven't been going all along.

i'd say that writing is on the wall.


i'm so well rested! thank you tylenol pm. i should take you every day. oh wait. i had dinner with oontzgrrl at the diner so i am therefore also well fed. i feel like i left her abruptly and without finishing talking, but i was cold. i also wished i had hugged her, in retrospect. sometimes i am less huggy than i mean to be. i don't know why this is. i used to be such a physically affectionate person, but nowadays it seems like my instinct isn't there, or my inhibitions are heightened. she had alot of insights into my actions and thoughts as usual. i swear, so often, it seems like "written in the stars" is not a lie! anyways, she is one of the many people i can learn alot from. many of those people i don't even have time to talk to.


i stopped listening to the news... is that irresponsible?
i need to remember to get new mascara. maybe i should be more worried that i can think about something so frivolous tonight.
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