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THE topic.

Since everyone else here is not doing work and talking about what's going on, I guess I will not do work and write about it. I've been basically quiet about the American campaign to attack Iraq. I'd like to think that it's a campaign to attack Saddam Hussein, but it's not. It can't be. I listened to the president's "Opening the War" speech, the text of which I can't find yet, and the main frustration that came from it was his use of the word "defense". It's not defending. It's attacking. Call it pre-emptive if you like... but it's still an attack, not a defense, and I think that semantic point is important to remember. It's frustrating to me to overhear and participate in semantic discussions when I'm electric with the knowledge that bombs aren't dropping around me, but they are dropping somewhere. I will pass this on from bronzemountain who got it from welcomerain, etc. They keep quoting Bush's statement that this is not an effort of "half-measures" and that he won't accept any outcome but "victory". It's my guess that his use of the word "victory" here doesn't necessarily take into account the aftermath and the welfare of the people who live in Iraq once we're done exploding parts of their country. That's what I think about when I think of victory. I hope even the most pro-war people out there understand that this is a sad day.

I am so sick of ignorant peaceniks. By this I mean: why talk at length ignorantly. Educate yourself and then advocate for what you believe. I'm not really talking about anyone in particular here. Except maybe that loud chick over there a few cubes away yakking about why she thinks what she thinks. I feel pretty much like anything I say is ignorant until bombs have been dropping next door to me. I am scared of the upcoming misrepresentations of civilian casualties in both directions. I wish I felt I could trust information in the media (any media, liberal, conservative, whatever).
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