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well, if my email stops working it's because i broke down and tried to institute a procmail anti-spam regimen. hopefully all i did was divert any emails with "Nigeria", "Zimbabwe", or "Congo" in them to a seperate folder. i don't know who's biting on these scams, but they need to be sent to a publicly funded class on how to not be stupid.

today was totally unproductive, as expected. i finally found the way to get to sleep, which would be by crying myself to sleep (it is kind of exhausting) and woke up basically in time to go to work. i abandon the idea of submitting any artwork to the tcon art show.

HOLY CRAP. i just got some spam that is one of these african bank account emails but this one says "IVORY COAST". i wish there was a way i could just have it delete any emails that are in a majority of CAPS. fucking shit. it's like they knew i was setting up filters and changed the country just to spite me!! GRRR!!!!!!

also: my sloth/gluttony combination reached an all time high today when i told myself i'd put off not eating a mr. goodbar until tomorrow. and, it's not my fault that rod stewart's "young turks" is so catchy.
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