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i've been all over the map this evening. i blame sleeping in two small blocks instead of one large one. i thought that i would just go on 4 hours' sleep but laid down for another hour later. as a result of this haphazard sleeping and resultant grogginess, i only managed to achieve the laundry goal, and didn't actually start embroidering yet. so, i've been depressed ("oh i don't know why i am bothering i will never get this done just like everything else i never get done") or mad ("WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE FUCKERS TO SAY THIS TO ME") or chipper ("hey! look i got all my laundry done, yay me! ooh! the spice girls!"). jack actually got to hear the depressed and the chipper targeted at him, i censored out any mad because, really, how is THAT productive. i'm still getting used to being not as codependent as i have been with well... just about everyone.

i am learning a lot from participating in the feminist community. thing number one i am learning: you can't get away with a half-assed post. alas, alot of the stuff i have in my head is way too half-assed. i finally started reading the autobiography of malcolm x yesterday. i hope it reads fast, or i won't be done by book club.

i think that my inner drama queen is seeking fuel for her fire... she's working on making everything a little more important and making everything seem just that much more poignant... oh crap, i will have to finish that thought later. it, too, will have to remain half-assed. work calls! for a maintenance night with so few tasks, it's amazing how many things can go wrong.


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Mar. 12th, 2003 09:41 am (UTC)
Believe it or no, Malcolm X does read pretty quickly. You wouldn't expect something like that to be that way, but I was able to get through it in just a week & a half and I am a very slow reader. It sticks with you and is hard to put down.
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