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weekend miscellania 2

the road to bowie is paved with good intentions. in fact, that is all it appears to be paved with, as 197 is basically half blacktop and half gutters and holes reaching to the 2nd circle of hell. i made it to TJMaxx without any major calamity, though, and proceeded to get what i went for and a bunch of other stuff i didn't need but was in the clearance aisle for $3. add up three bucks enough times, and it starts to amount to something...

anyways, after i got back i went on a cleaning binge and made it so the floor of my room was mostly usable instead of mostly covered in junk. if i could just take care of the trash bag full of laundry, the dry cleaning, and the christmas present project, i'd be ok. after that i lazed around until the last minute and everyone was kind of waiting to go to dinner.

we had dinner at sullivan's, which i always enjoy despite its mediocre food and inconsistent service. they have this crab dip that is to drool for and well, steaks. i sat across from gene and got to gab with him about lovecraft and various other things which was nice, i'm glad we could gab because it was one of those long tables where you can't like, talk to anyone else except the person across from you and next to you. and also usually i'm scared of chatting with gene because i feel he usually has alot more, well, facts to bring to the conversation. after dinner it was off to baltimore to experience the New Parking Garage with its weird cashier system and the wharf rat. about 5 minutes after we got to the wharf rat i was overcome with my womanliness. yes, i felt like a natural woman, and that natural woman wanted to be sprawled on my couch, in dark silence, with a heating pad. i left early, abandoning the birthday girl to the mercy of our friends, and went home and to bed. WHEEEE. that's me, i'm one big fat fucking party. at least it was nice to see some people i seemingly never get to see anymore. sigh.

today i watched useless, awful television. all day. ugh. now i'm at work yawning to beat the band despite the gigante mocha. i wish i could just order a large, jeeze. i am already skeptical of what i said in my last post regarding living arrangements. i hate not knowing the answers. i have alot to do in regards to craft projects this week, and i'm angry that i wasted sunday in a pain-haze. [edit: but not angry i got to spend it with jack.] i really do want to submit things to the art show at technicon. i'm worried jack won't have a good time, although i know that my old friends will be hospitable. i'm worried about any side-effects to cramptacularness. my bout with Miss Positivity on saturday sure as hell didn't last long!
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