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Overheard during Trivial Pursuit last night:

Question: What is the unit of measure that is equivalent to three teaspoons?

bizarrojack: A load?


Got to eat some Cluck U yesterday. Also got some Old Navy clearance items for under $6 each. Officially a bag whore; bought another sack. This was all after breakfast with Todd and Lou and Bryan from the old job. Today going to TJMaxx to get some ideas and maybe cheap frames. Jack's off looking at apartments with devolutionary. I feel good about this after all my hemming and hawing; so long as it's not too far away. We have all the time in the world to move in together, although I hope I don't end up eating those words. I gave up on getting a Toyota Echo hatchback, btw. Started using the to do list feature, so far so good. Nicolas is doing that cute tummy thing so I think I will go annoy him. Yay! Later tonight: rampant celebration of examorata's birthday.
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