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i can do things!

last night, i did the unthinkable! i got around to paying my parents back. no, not for the excellent formative education they funded or the 18 or so years of feeding me or the doctor's bills or the countless whiny "moooom, can i have money for a ____" moments, or the skateboard i hardly used... but for the car they loaned me money to buy last year. doh. i have to work on that procrastination thing. ok, technically it's not in the mail yet but i am heading to the post office immediately after work. also getting paid are the state of maryland (listen up state of maryland, here it comes!), ms. magazine, and the power company. friday, the hospital and the student loan companies well get theirs. you have no idea how much of a milestone this is. i never, ever pay things on time. except rent, and i didn't always do that.

tonight was maintenance night. everyone behaved. everything was tidy. unreal.

i found the minicassette recorder i bought over a year ago to keep track of the thoughts i have while in the car. it had some messages on it which i think date back to last january. something about vans or something. i had that moment of, "do i really sound like that?" i sound better than i remember! i NEED to use the recorder. i remember all kinds of shit while driving to and from work.

it is very unsettling to grab something you think will be cheese-curl textured and it turns out to be actually real cheese texture. also, i am ripping through the lovecraft stories when really what i should be reading is SdB or MX.
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