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almost weekend. YAY.

so, i found out through my secret inside channels that the college park ikea will probably open in june, if not then sometime this summer. not soon enough, i say! i sacrificed no dignity to the ex to get this information. fab.

jack, being the patient, amazing person that he is, drove me all the way to work with the nominal intention to go on to the club from there. since the club was closed, i trust he got where he needed to go tonight okay. the only problem with the drive, okay the two problems: the road was pretty bad, and i was having an anxiety attack. i'm calm now, but it took a little while after i got here. and it probably doesn't help someone concentrate to have their passenger crying and making weird hiccup noises. i don't think i'm going to do that to him again, ask him to drive me in the snow that is. no one should be expected to do that.

now, i am having an incredibly slow night. apparently the shiftmates did not have a dinner, which is not good; it means there will be another reschedule, and i will once again be obligated. we'll see what i come up with NEXT week. however, none of that is important, because: it's the weekend! honestly, i plan to just go home and crawl under my covers and stay there all weekend. it's the only thing that i can currently imagine. maybe i will crawl out from under the covers to send some mail once the weather clears up, but that is all. right now, my room sounds like the most beautiful, happy place i could be in the world. sad, really. better get over that soon, it's no way to live.
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