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Thursday, indeed.

I was very sorry to hear about Mr. Rogers passing away this morning. My strong memories of his shoes and other images from the show have come to overshadow the memories of the messages he communicated, but I know that they penetrated at least somewhat and were part of what made me who I am today.

mcoletti brought it up, but I had been meaning to post some of the ridiculous names I call my cat when giving him little speeches about his cat activities. Here they are:

Twerpus McGerkus
Poodle Butt
Purr Bucket
Poopsicle (Or "my little orange poopsicle")
Mr. Pfister
Mr. Fancypants (usually followed by "whose pants are le fance")
Boodle Doodle

Yes, I know this means I am heading down the road to being a crazy cat lady. But come on, what do you guys call your cats? (Other than their names, I mean...)

Last night I called out of work partly because I felt really stressed, and partly because I was essentially terrified to get in the car. I feel bad about this, and I know it can't continue forever. But for now, since the weather is still bad and I can't face my fears on a clean, dry road, Jack is being so sweet as to take me to the metro tonight. I will take a cab home in the morning. I will put off "facing" my fears. Of course, not having gone in last night means that I missed whatever plans were made for the dinner that the mids manager was setting up. I don't hate those guys, in fact I am sure some of them are completely likeable, but currently I do not feel like I would enjoy a "social" obligation involving purely coworkers. I barely want to be there during the requisite 40 hours I have to be there during the week. So, hey haven't given me news of dinner, therefore I will just go in for my shift tonight. What a relief. I hope they haven't postponed it again.

Anyone know when the new Ikea in College Park is opening?
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