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listy business

so, the other cat shit on my stuff again. tiresome, as i was already in an incredibly pissed off mood, but it sort of pushed me over the brink into calmness, because i can do literally NOTHING to control any of the things irrationally pissing me off today. my roommate is being incredibly nice about the whole thing. a feminist community debate is flaring up over the past few days; i've involved myself heavily which i don't usually do. but it's fun, it exercises the brain a little. this particular one started with an advertisement but is now about biodeterminism versus social conditioning...

the whole time i was 26, i thought i was 27, now that i am 27, i think i am 26. i can't answer the "how old are you" question without thinking about it first. weird.

watched buffy last night (in DIRECT opposition to my post yesterday in regards to TV); i was so happy to see an andrew-centric episode, but principal wood (heh heh) got the best line: "slowly... i may be concussed." Best. Come-on line. Ever. [Editor's Note: This is not to imply that I think concussed people are good people to come on to. In case anyone misunderstands my sense of humor and I can see how that statement might be offensive.]

to do list: dentist, bills (CAR PAYMENT), christmas present, clean room, gary's

i need to get someone to take a good picture of me for an icon... do i have any artistic photographery type friends???

new new monkees???

2/20/03 10:44:05 AM [anonymous]
Test the card is very good however, there is heat sink fell off of the card which I'm going to look for glue at radio shark to place it back before sending it to the site.

radio shark! hee!
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