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my favorite monday

book club! it was a success again. yay. next we're reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X. also noteworthy, everyone unanimously liked the book. cool. the uber-important topic: are girls who wear ankle bracelets slutty? was not completely put to rest. i'm thinking of starting to wear ankle bracelets this summer just to prove a point! ;)

add to my important longish/shortish term to-do list: go to the dentist.

i hate my lack of willpower in regards to the television. i have been considering how i feel that there is a significant amount of time watching it that i could spend doing other things, again. i go through this i guess every six months or so. since cold turkey is not an option, i have to figure another strategy. chris has been sitting here playing devil's advocate to my anti-tv rant and it's not helping!

what else... probably not going to heaven this thursday as i thought. between not being able to call out of work and it looking like it's going to snow, yeah... probably not. i should never say i'm "going" to attend some fun activity on LJ because it seems to be turning out to be a jinx. only post when it's over is my new policy!
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