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i was going to post a long, involved post of the events since livejournal was out of commission, thoughtful meanderings on love and friends, particularly since my rediscovery of tomorrow_devil and thecapm but all of that was blown away by my realization that the Echo hatchback is coming out in Canada this summer, and i decided to figure out what it would take to get one. apparently alot. very angry about this. i don't know why toyota is not marketing the damn things here but man.

Wednesday I got three hours' sleep and at work I was fine. Weird. I finished two books I had set aside last year, cunt and the man who mistook his wife for a hat and it looks like today i will polish of return of the king and i am almost done with the *sigh* introduction to the second sex.

today's metro adventure made me realize: people freak out if you talk to them on the metro for a reason, that being that the person talking to you on the metro is always the crazy guy. i know this because i enjoy talking to people on the metro, but they always react weird if i try to start up a conversation, so today when this guy asked me something about my hair, i responded, and then moved across the car so that we could hear each other, and then i realized, too late, that i had gotten myself involved in a conversation with someone totally and completely crazy. it wasn't so bad, he had nice things to say, but his theories on global economics were, even to my untutored mind, a bit off. when i realized he had no front teeth and his hands were black with dirt, and he started telling me that last year he was hit by a car that destroyed most of his lower body and he just learned how to walk again, i realized what i had gotten myself into. still, we had a nice chat and he didn't follow me off the car at my stop or anything, and uhm... yeah. but that's got to be why people freak out when you talk to them on the metro.
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