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mid-afternoon break

a mid-afternoon break from SLEEPING mind you... i can't complain too much because they banged on the door until they woke me up, however, it was so i would move my car so that they could plow the bejeezus out of the parking lot. it's basically almost like a parking lot again. unfortunately when i started my car, it sounded... funny. i am hoping it's just from not getting much exercise. but, yeah, just something else to add to my ginormous list of anxieties. oh, yeah, i guess that above was kind of misleading... i was already awake when they started banging on the door. i awoke with bizarre paranoia that a number of unlikely things that i don't need to worry about will happen. tee-riffic. i wonder if this is just the "anxiety" portion of my normal mood cycle. i hope it passes, because frankly it is far worse than any of the rest of my bad moods. i'm going to try to go back to sleep... but right now... extremely jittery and weird. i have decided to lay off the tylenol PM for a while because after something someone said i realize that maybe i DO run a danger of getting addicted to it (psychologically, if nothing else).
Tags: anxiety
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