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i want to go into it all...

but i am in class. with a bunch of macho idiots. well, they are not all. but a few is enough. once again i am the only woman in the class. the instructor keeps pronouncing 'interface' as 'interphase' which is bizarre. at least i feel enthusiastic about it. we're talking about RIP right now. wheee. i hate these plastic bindy things that class books always come in.

i had a really good weekend. i ate so much good, homemade food. book club was good. last weds, thai food was fun and i got to hang out with someone i haven't generally hung out with before. there's so much moreto say but i don't want to disrupt class. although they are going really slow. oh, and the credit counselors can't help me. the up side being, i may not need their help.

i wish i had an eigth day each week to devote to only reading.
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