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as expected

Shoveling: check.

Back: more or less out of commission.

Perception of life as a wonderful blessing: intact.

Chances of getting to work tonight: Good, assuming someone else drives me. The generous soul who has already offered to do this will be rewarded with an embarrassment of riches. The cab driver who will take me home in the morning from G'belt might get a nice tip. I, frankly, refuse to drive. My car is not built for this.

Stuff that got done since I was stuck in all weekend: none. oops. no progress on Simone de Beauvoir, no progress on the christmas presents I am still making. we turned cheap steaks into a tasty meal though!

and the best news: three days and three nights trapped and A) my relationship is still good, even perhaps improved as always and B) my feelings of roommate positivity have swelled, and not just because it was her dad that brought us the shovels without which we would have been totally screwed. ;)
Tags: genesis, snow
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