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blah blah blah snow

i hope salami_salome is ok up in the big apple.

bizarrojack drove us home from columbia last night at 3am; i was so terrified i thought i was going to throw up. he stopped to drive some poor guy home that had gotten stuck in a ditch. at first i was so mad i could have jumped out of the car and walked the rest of the way home, but then i realized that he is very sweet and he got me home safe and i was actually suffering from paranoia due to the way i've been conditioned since the accident. (oh, don't get me wrong, it was way too dangerous to drive out there, but i was freaking out more than i should have and probably not helping the general mood.)

prior to that, we spent the evening with necrocannibal and msteleute. we went to ellicott city, which was beautiful, and we had coffee (which honestly... was not as tasty, i felt, as what i get at cosi) and then went back to their place to watch 24 hour party people which was not my bag so much, and dagon which was definately an h.p. lovecraft movie, and i should have known what i was getting into, but ugh. made me a little testy on top of my anxiety about the snow, which was just me being a general party pooper, lame. necro made us dinner, though, for which i was very grateful!

lunch saturday was the buffet at sapphire; make no mistake, i love that place. it was a great moment when we sat down with heaping plates of tandoori and curry and the waiter brought fresh, hot naan and there was a collective sigh of gratefulness for how good things can be.

friday we went over to judithiscariot's and watched a romantic classic, Devil's Rain. william shatner, ernest borgnine, tom skerritt, and anton lavey... hee. despite that, i felt pretty love-festy all night so i think it was totally appropriate to the holiday.

tonight i face the "do i go to work" dilemma, then i face the "i hope they understand when i don't go to work" dilemma. then hopefully it stops snowing, because by monday i will want to go to work. i know, it's weird, but i will.
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