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today and reading list

today i went to target and bought a dust buster and a new tiny stereo. then i went to weis and bought everything i needed but bread because somehow i had hallucinated that i put it in the basket. probably while i was dancing down the aisles because they played "something so strong" on the piped in music station. then i called jack and sounded pitiful at him. then i called my mom and we argued about marriage. she seems to think that you have to get relationships in writing or else they are not valid, while i have moral/political problems with an capitulating to institution that will not acknowledge same-sex couples. then i took a tylenol PM and turned on FotR tape ten because i knew i would not sleep otherwise. then i woke up and started to pay bills for my "knitting night" activity but got too caught up in discussion to actually write the checks. i looked at jack's new car and then i came to work just in time to be the last person able to order a mocha at cosi. those bastards have started closing at like, 10:55. now i am at work and it is very, very slow. i have a dilemma about the training budget issue, in that my apathy drives me from wanting training, however my desire to keep this job drives me toward it. chewing on my palm stylus like a toothpick makes me feel like i'm thinking harder than i actually am.

this is the list of reading i must pledge to catch up on:

*the second sex - simone de beauvoir
*the feminine mystique - betty freidan
manifesta - jennifer baumgardner et al.
the beauty myth - naomi wolff
*backlash - susan faludi
outrageous acts and everyday rebellions - gloria steinem
ain't i a woman - bell hooks
our bodies, our selves
*the female eunuch - germaine greer
sexual politics - kate millett
toward a feminist theory of the state - catherine a. mackinnon
gyn/ecology - mary daly
against our will - susan brownmiller

i keep arguing with myself as to whether i need to go back further and include wollstonecraft, engels, john stuart mill... i just know that if i haven't finished these by NOW what are my hopes of finishing them even within the next two years??? stars indicate books i already own and do not have to procure.
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